About Us

Created through the vision and blessings of His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj, Yogi Divine Society Canada endeavors to uplift society through positive living and spirituality.

Currently, under the guidance of His Divine Holiness Prabodhjivan Swamiji Maharaj, Yogi Divine Society Canada and its international affiliates are affectionately called Hariprabodham Parivar (Parivar means family). This name is an homage to His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj and His Divine Holiness Prabodhjivan Swamiji Maharaj.

Hariprabodham Parivar's mission is to conduct projects and activities that mould individuals as well as the community towards spirituality. His Divine Holiness Prabodhjivan Swamiji Maharaj's vision of spirituality is expressed in His message of “Suhradbhav”, which is “Regardless of any shortcomings perceived in God's devotee, we must seek only their virtues. Suhradbhav means to enjoy situation and to accept everyone wholeheartedly”. With His inspiration, guidance, and blessings, millions of individuals today walk the path of devotional service to attain ultimate spiritual salvation.

The best example in Canada of His Divine Holiness Prabodhjivan Swamiji Maharaj's visionary mission to preserve and foster culture, religion and spirituality can be witnessed at the Hindu Swaminarayan Mandir and Cultural Centre in Mississauga, Ontario - affectionately called Haridham Canada (Abode of the Lord). This is the headquarters in Canada of the Hariprabodham Parivar, called Yogi Divine Society Canada. Established in September 1996, Haridham Canada is consecrated with captivating idols of Shree Akshar Purushottam Maharaj, Shree Radha Krishna dev, Shree Ram Sitaji, Shree Hanumanji and Shree Ganapatiji. The temple has an auditorium hall that accommodates approximately 1,500 devotees. In addition, this centre conducts multi-dimensional activities with the aim of bridging cultural gaps, building harmonious relationships, and merging the social and cultural fabrics within the community.

Our organization, comprised entirely of devoted volunteers, organizes a wide array of activities year-round ranging from weekly spiritual assemblies to full-scale international spiritual conferences. These regular gatherings and activities inspire and foster a positive environment, discipline and integrity of character. Yogi Divine Society Canada is an integral part of the community, strengthening both cultural and communal ties.

Our Mission

To serve the individual, family, society and environment with wide range of humanitarian and spiritual activities based on our deep-rooted faith in Bhagwaan Shree Swaminarayan to enable the highest quality of life.

Our Vision

Serve the society by providing spiritual services, cultural training and other human services like health-care and educational activities on a secular basis to promote community development, family values enrichment, educational literacy, good-health and self-sufficiency and enable happy, peaceful and harmonious life.



There are more than 12,000 initiated male householder devotees who are known as Ambrish within the Hariprabodham Parivar around the globe. These devotees have taken a vow of dedication to live with spirituality in all facets of their life and dedicate their free time to volunteer work and devotion of God. The Hariprabodham Parivar organizes monthly conferences for Ambrish devotees to provide them with spiritual guidance. His Divine Holiness Prabodhjivan Swamiji Maharaj travels globally for these devotees to conduct spiritual assemblies, conferences, personal counselling etc. He personally counsels all those imbued in social problems, guiding them towards practical as well as spiritual solutions.


Similar to “Ambrish”, female householder devotees who have taken a similar vow of dedication are called “Sahradyee”. There are more than 10,000 Sahradyee ladies within Hariprabodham Parivar. These Sahradyee ladies live under the guidance of Sadhvi Sarweshwarben (female renunciate equivalent to a nun) who is based in India. Sadhvi Sarweshwarben and the dozens of other Sadhvi's in Hariprabodham Parivar personally counsel and guide the lady devotees through all manner of spiritual, or social problems through the sharing of practical as well as spiritual solutions. Spiritual conventions catered specifically for Sahradyee's are also organised every year to exchange ideas, knowledge and develop spiritual harmony.


His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj's life slogan, "Yuvako maru sarvasva chhe - translated...Youths are my everything". Signifies the special place youth have in His heart. He always emphasizes the extraordinary potential present in a youth: "Yuvan dhare tevo thai shake" A youth has the potential to become what he chooses to become. Youth is a reservoir of dynamic energy and talent that could change the course of history. When this energy is channeled towards positive avenues, the maximum potential of youth, and that of human life, can be fully realized.

Carrying on this mission is the lifework of His Divine Holiness Prabodhjivan Swamiji Maharaj. Simply put, He inspires...He guides...He cares...He loves...

Yogi Divine Society Canada organizes weekly assemblies, seminars, conferences, camps and various activities specifically for youth. As a result, the youth of Hariprabodham Parivar, numbering over 3,000 in Canada live an addiction free life and have commited to live as true and noble children of the His Divine Holiness.

Through His selfless love, compassionate care and divine blessings, He has given the modern youth a new meaning and direction in life, with a special emphasis on keeping the right company and achieving excellence in all aspects of life. With the youth in mind, His Divine Holiness Hariprasad Swamiji Maharaj has blessed us with the Haridham Temple in Toronto and is the driving force behind all of the activities that take place at this centre.